21 April 2020

JobKeeper Payment

Online applications for JobKeeper are now open.

The JobKeeper Payment will be available to eligible business owners/employers from 30/03/2020 until 27/09/2020 who have suffered a downturn due to the interruption that is the COVID-19. Employees wages will be subsidised by $1,500 gross, per fortnight per eligible employee, including the business owner and if you don’t have employees.

The intention behind the JobKeeper Payment is to help employers stay connected to their employees by assisting the cashflow for wages. Employees will benefit from keeping their job and receiving a minimum income during this turbulent time when unemployment is heightened, making the JobKeeper a more lucrative alternative to Centrelink’s JobSeeker.

Your business (SME) will be eligible if it has suffered a 30% downturn and you’re still paying your eligible employees the equivalent of at least $1,500/fortnight before-tax.

Most software providers have released enhancements, articles and support notes that make processing the federal wage subsidy simple. We have compiled a checklist of useful links and articles to help make this process somewhat simpler.


  1. Am I eligible?


  2. Do I meet the turnover test? 

    The Basic Test
    The Alternative Test

  3. Enrol for the JobKeeper payment


  4. Check your payroll is set up

    MYOB Software:
    (AR) Accountright
    Essentials (old)
    Essentials (new)

    Xero Software:
    Enrol employees for JobKeeper payments
    Process JobKeeper payments

    Reckon Software:
    Jobkeeper payments & Reckon software

    Set up and manage JobKeeper payments

  5. Identify eligible employees to be paid


  6. Ensure all eligible employees are paid at least $1500 per fortnight


  7. Send JobKeeper Nomination forms to employees


  8. Identify Business Participant

    Beneficiary of a trust or a company Director or Shareholder

  9. Complete Nomination Form for Business Participant


  10. Report monthly figures to the ATO


  11. JobKeeper reimbursements are taxable

    Put to Other Income on your P&L


ATO JobKeeper Guides

JobKeeper guide – sole traders
JobKeeper guide – employers reporting through STP
JobKeeper guide – employers not reporting through STP

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